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Can you imagine a world where you created your own patterns and designs? We offer various Custom Print products that makes this a reality. Full-Color Digital Prints that you can easily transfer to your apparel with ease. 

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Sublimation is a dye process that uses high heat to transfer a design from sublimation paper to the desired surfaces. It is different from heat transfer vinyl in that the ink becomes part of the surface, creating a smooth and seamless design. It’s common to see sublimation shirts, hoodies, and sweaters. Sublimating onto mugs, tumblers, cups, and coasters is also a popular way to utilize this process.

But did you know that you can also create sublimation earrings?

Here's how!

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Check out this awesome how-to to learn how to use your sublimation equipment with a whole new range of products!

Sublimation opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to design. Full color designs as large as your sublimation printer will print in a single press! who wouldn't love that?

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Many ask for help on uploading fonts and images using their cell phone or iPads - including just locating all the basic functions on a smaller screen. You can see in this tutorial that the DS view is different from a desktop. I help walk you through it all and show you a free easy way to upload fonts and navigate Design Space. Be sure to check out the Must haves below for amazing crafting fun!! You gotta have the right blades, tools, vinyl, svgs/fonts and coffee :)

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Graphics and Design, Starting Out -

It used to be; adding colors to t-shirts meant TONS of extra time cutting, weeding, aligning multiple colors.  NO MORE!  We have an actual HTV that you can print on with your desktop inkjet printer.  This opens the door for you to create full-color images without the restrictions or hassle typically involved in cutting multiple colors and layering them!  The process is streamlined and can add big benefits to your work with little to no extra effort.

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