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Graphics and Design, Starting Out -

Ideally you'll want to either create or purchase "Vector" art.  This artwork is not like a photograph.  Raster images are comprised of pixels and if you scale them up you'll notice your artwork becoming blurry or jagged.  Vector art is comprised of editable objects that will allow you to change colors and design aspects, while giving you the ability to scale your designs up or down without the fear of pixelation.  This will provide smooth cut lines, not jagged edges.

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It has never been easier to express yourself, start a small business, or get that side-hustle going!

If you have or are considering crafting these projects and ideas are an excellent way to monetize your efforts.  From starting an Etsy Store to working with local boutiques, you options are endless once you put your creativity to work.

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for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & Cyber Monday

This holiday season might be a little different than previous ones, but it's not all bad; after all 2020 is almost "Last Year". :-)  Below is an excellent resource from one of our favorite YouTube Channels to help ensure you have what you need for the upcoming holiday crafting season.

While you are shopping, check out our Black Friday Deals

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  1. Cut your design right-reading into the Paint Mask.
  2. Weed excess material
  3. Apply Application Tape or Transfer Film
  4. Apply Stencil to Wood, Metal, Glass or other substrate
  5. Paint and allow to dry
  6. Remove Paint Mask to reveal your final design
  7. Apply clear coat or otherwise finish your project and admire!

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Graphics and Design, Preparation -

...designing prints for paper, business cards, and even t-shirts it is often required to utilize both a printer and a cutter.  The problem we about most often is cutting right to the edge of a print is almost impossible.  If the cutter and printer are not perfectly in sync there is a high probability...

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