Gang Sheeter Desktop App

Creating gang sheets has never been easier. Stop wasting hours everyday manually aligning images, doing multiple layouts to see which one uses the least material, and finding out after the fact that an image was too low of a resolution to provide a quality print.

We've combined more than 16 yrs in digital printing experience with over a decade in software development experience to create a simple, easy to use, fast solution for your DTF workflows. Ultimately paving the way for you to create an automated and fluid production process.

Smart Features

    • Automatic Design Rotation
    • DPI meter (Automatically Updates)
    • Automatic Dead-Space Removal
    • Smart File Storage
    • Automatic Job Archival
    • Save Directly to Print Queue
& much more...

Customize your settings

  • Printable Width
  • Maximum Sheet Length
  • Default Dpi
  • Default Save Locations
  • Send to Queue Paths

Print More, Stress Less

Whether you take new jobs via your website, email, thumbdrive, or create custom artwork for your customers from ground up, this simple desktop app has the potential to save you hours everyday. No longer do you have to open your design software, load your customer's artwork, scale & tile by hand, or deal with massive file sizes again.


Automate Your Workflow

  • This simple and intuitive app also has the ability to connect directly to your shopify store (and others soon). Allowing you to process orders without having to manually login to the backend of your site and download files.
  • Pair that automation with your RIP Queue in this app to quickly pass orders directly from your website to your production queue.
  • If something doesn't look right along the way, you can modify it before pushing the job through.


Did we mention: It's Free!

Give it a shot, after all it doesn't cost a thing to download or use the gang sheeter. If you decide you like it and would like to continue automating your workflow, contact us and we'll be happy to work with you on connecting this to your business. The dev team at AltDTF specializes in enterprise scale software design, computer programming, and workflow efficiency.

Don't Forget: Your Customers Need Help Too...

We All Know The Story...

Customers simply want to upload their art. They visit a site, find a link to "Custom Transfers", and are immediately met with multiple products; 'Custom 2" DTF Transfers', 'Custom 3" DTF Transfers', 'Custom 4" DTF Transfers', 'Custom 6" DTF Transfers', 'Custom 8" DTF Transfers', 'Custom 10" DTF Transfers', 'Custom 12" DTF Transfers', 'DTF Gang Sheets - 12" x 24"' , 'DTF Gang Sheets - 24" x 24"', 'DTF Gang Sheets - 24" x 36"', 'DTF Gang Sheets - 24" x 60"', 'DTF Gang Sheets - 24" x 72"' , 'DTF Gang Sheets - 24" x 120"'...



Like that's not confusing enough, these same customers (most of which with no graphic design experience) are expected to understand the complexities of spacial awareness, aspect ratios, semi-transparent pixels, margin, nesting, DPI. Then select the right product, upload the right file, in the right file type, at the right size, with the right pixel count, and all you should have to do is simply download the art, send it to your rip software and print...


Sounds Easy, Right?

Yeah Right... And then the real pain begins. You either do what you believe is right, and risk reprinting the job when the customer's vision is not met or you spend the next hour going back and forth with the customer either educating them or fixing their art and expectations. All for an $11 print?


Your Options

Well... they suck. There are software plug-ins available but none of them were made by Direct to Film (DTF) printers with DTF printers in mind. Think about it: There are two types of DTF customers: those with limited graphic design experience & professional graphic designers.


Not Graphic Designers

Even if you provide these customers with an online designer, because of their limited graphic design experience, they are going to struggle with the same basic concepts listed above; drop-shadows, DPI, aspect ratios, Sizing, Scaling, Color, Transparency, and the like.


Professional Graphic Designers

These customers have their own graphic design software, unique style & taste, prefer their work environment over yours, and are never going to use the limited functionality your basic online designer provides.

An online designer does not meet either of these customer's needs.


The Right Solution for Both Types

We made it our mission to create a simple & intuitive file uploader that would allow customers, regardless of experience level, to quickly and easily upload their art and convey dimensions and quantities without worry about the nuances involved in correctly scaling and sizing raster images. We added features like: automatic image rotation, automatic locked aspect ratio scaling, built-in DPI Meter, built-in Background Transparency Warning, and a Live Preview to ensure novices could see the final product prior to submitting an order. We also kept the pro in mind, but intentionally making the interface as simple as possible; allowing these customers to efficiently finish their job and order without additional steps like "duplicating images", "dragging them into position", or "rotating and scaling them" with a drag point.

    • Automatic Design Rotation
    • DPI meter (Automatically Updates)
    • Automatic Dead-Space Removal
    • Locked Aspect Ratios
    • One-click Installation
& much more...