Aspect Ratios & Sizing your artwork | Custom Printed DTF Transfers

Aspect Ratios & Sizing your artwork | Custom Printed DTF Transfers

What is an "Aspect Ratio"?

An Aspect Ratio is the ratio of your artworks width to height. 


If you have an image that is 10" wide and 5" Tall its aspect ratio is 2:1

Why does it matter?

If you lock your image's aspect ratios and scale the art up to 20" wide the height will scale up to 10" wide.  This will maintain the "look" of your art.  

If you were to scale the width to 20" and  and the height to 20" you will have changed the aspect ratio and your images will appear "stretched".

Artwork Dimensions when uploading files to be printed...

When you upload artwork and input a size, we as printers will scale your artwork with locked aspect ratios to fit within the dimensions you provided.  For example if your art is 10" wide and 5" tall and you input dimensions of 8"x8" we'll scale your artwork to fit within an 8"x8" box, but not fill that up as that would stretch your art.  instead your artwork would end up being 8"x4" and you'd have 4" of blank space left over in that box.  See this video for a little more information.

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Typical Artwork Sizes for Apparel

Here is a list of common sizes for logos based on thier placement on apparel:
  • Left Chest: 3.5" wide
  • Shoulder/Sleeve" 3.5" wide
  • Adult Front/Back: 11" wide
  • Youth Front/Back: 8" wide
These are not manditory sizes and your art/style could allow for any size art, but these are generally a good starting point.
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