Custom Transfers | Weedless Decals | Direct To Film (UV-DTF)

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Apply to Almost Any Surface - No Weeding - Full Color - Excellent Durability - Withstands Frequent Washing

We've never seen anything like this before. These decals are bright, vibrant, and best of all require no weeding, have excellent wash fastness, and can be applied to almost any surface!

How many transfers will I get?

You'll get a 12"x24" sheet. The quantity you select will determine the number of sheets you get.  Each sheet will be filled with as many copies as we can fit of your design at the width you request.  Generally you can get Approximately 18 Copies of a 3.5" square per sheet.

How to order?
  1. Upload your "Print Ready" artwork.
  2. Select the size you want your designs to print.
  3. Add to cart and checkout!

We'll scale your artwork to fit the selected size and fit as many as we can on a sheet for you.

What if I have multiple designs?
  1. Download this page template
  2. Layout your artwork to fit within the print margins at the size you desire in your design software.
  3. Export your art as either a high resolution *.png file or a vector art file (*.svg, *.pdf, etc)
  4. Upload your artwork
  5. Select the Design Width "As Designed"
  6. Add to cart and checkout!

We'll take your design layout and print it exacly as you uploaded it to fit 1 copy per sheet.

How do I know if my artwork is "Print Ready"?

If your artwork is:

  • Low Resolution
  • A screen shot
  • A picture of a t-shirt with a design on it
  • You are requesting ANY modification

Your artwork is NOT "Print Ready".

Fear Not, We offer Graphic Design Services

Designs that require artwork modification or additional graphic design WILL BE billed on a seperate invoice.  If you have questions regarding Graphic Design Fees, Please contact us at: shop@gojdc.com before placing your order.

Application Instructions
Compatible Materials
Most Hard Surfaces
High Pressure
Slowly and Straight back


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Stacy Knapp

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I ordered a roll of banner material late yesterday afternoon and it was delivered this morning before noon! Awesome service!!! I will definitely be ordering from them again!


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