Tips & Tricks for using Sublimation Fabrics

Tips & Tricks for using Sublimation Fabrics

                          Tips and Tricks For using Sublimation Fabrics 

Here are some Tips and Tricks

For Bringing your Sublimation Game to the Next Level with Heat Transferred Sublimatable Fabrics.

Let's go through some key steps

that will allow you to create sublimated designs that can be applied to ANY apparel project.

Prepping Your Designs

Print your sublimation transfer, (which should be printed mirrored and with a bleed if you do not want a white outline.)

Cut  & Weed your fabric using your cutter. (If you notice fraying of the material, you will need to increase your blade depth and pressure or your blade may need replacing.) 

Place your cut & weeded sublimation fabric face down on top of the sublimation transfer. This ensures that you line up your image correctly, as you can see through the backing film on the cut and weeded sublimation fabric htv transfer. (The backing film on the sublimation fabric is just sticky enough to hold your design in place, but you can use heat tape if desired).

Preparing to Press

Place parchment paper on your heat press platen. Center your materials and flip them over so that the sublimation paper is on top. 

Cover with parchment paper and a non-stick sheet.

Press at 400 degrees for 60 seconds with medium to light pressure. 

Once your press is complete, allow the design to cool slightly and remove the sublimation transfer sheet from the htv fabric. 

Transfer Film

Apply transfer film on top of the sublimation fabric. 

Use a squeegee to make sure you have a good hold. 

Next, Peel the backing paper from the transfer film. Since this is a fabric, you may need to start slowly. Peel back in a rolling motion to add pressure to the print as you are peeling back the backing film.

If you notice any bubbles, you can smooth them down with your finger working from the inside to the outer rim of the fabric.


Place your Transfer

Center your image on your apparel

The transfer film will help keep your design in place. Be mindful of any seams, a heat press pillow can help.

Place your non-stick sheet on top of the design. Press at 305 for 10-15 seconds. 

Remove the non-stick sheet and peel away the transfer film.

Viola, a vibrant sublimation design on your favorite cotton t-shirt. 

Sport your new shirt or package it up and shipped off to a customer. 

Have Fun

Creating and Customizing your next project with Heat Transferred Sublimatable Fabrics.

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