Tips and Tricks for Applying DTF Transfers |

Tips and Tricks for Applying DTF Transfers |

We get tons of questions everyday from people asking how to get the best result when using DTF Transfers. Although we aren't here to create YouTube content we thought a video might be the best options for reviewing the most asked questions.

Knowing your equipment

This is so important. We list recommended settings for your heat press, but because so many heat presses are using cheap imported parts the digital readouts are rarely correct. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT.


Knowing your materials

Equally as important. Your DTF supplier or vendor may not be using the same film, ink, print profiles, or adhesives as ours or as your friends. Each item listed above will have an effect on your settings and process. Make sure you've taken the time to fully understand the recommended instructions, test, practice, research, get your setup dialed in. If you change vendors, test, practice, research again...


Working around seams

The number one concern we hear from people is: " doesn't stick at the top". Yes, yes it does, but it won't if you don't press it with even, firm pressure. Seams are thicker than the apparel you are pressing, they have a tendency to keep your heat platen from making even pressure. as a result, some areas will stick, while others will peel of flake off... This is easy enough to fix; if you can't position your apparel to not press over these seams, use a non-stick pillow to allow those seams to be less of an issue.


Creating a matte finish

A second press with a fabric, parchment paper, non-stick sheet, or cheese cloth placed over the top of your design will change the finish on your transfer. Experiment with these. Not only will it set you apart from your competition, it's kind of fun...


Adjusting your heat press settings mid-run

At some point during a large run you'll probably notice transfers starting to lift while you are peeling the backing film off. Chances are at this point the bottom platen of your heat press is as hot as the heat platen. This is causing your adhesive to melt sooner and stay liquid longer. Start experimenting with your settings to lower either the temp or the time to finish the job.
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