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Metallic UV-DTF Decals (Direct to Film) | Weedless Decals

Metallic UV-DTF Decals (Direct to Film) | Weedless Decals

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NOTE: Areas of your design that you would like metallic should be white in your design.

Unlock the power of gold and silver with UV-DTF! Our Direct To Film Decals provide an effortless way to adorn any product. With superior durability, scratch resistance, and the ability to stick to almost any hard surface (minimal pre-prep may be required), these decals are suitable for glass, plastic, wood, and much more.

Preparing your Art

Uploading your art

File Quality/Resolution

What is DPI?

  • DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. It's a measure used mainly for printing, indicating how many dots of ink or toner will be placed on one inch of paper.
  • Think of it like the density of the dots: the more dots you have in a space, the finer and more detailed the print can be.

Pixel Density and Image Size

  • Pixel Density refers to how many pixels (tiny squares of color) make up the image on a digital display.
  • Image Size is the dimensions of an image (like 800x600 pixels).
  • Higher pixel density means more pixels are packed into the same area, which usually results in a sharper, clearer image.

How They Affect Image Quality

  • A higher DPI means a higher-quality print because it's more detailed.
  • On screens, higher pixel density (more pixels in the same space) makes images look sharper.

Why Increasing DPI Doesn't Always Improve Quality

  • If an image has low DPI or low pixel density (like a small, blurry photo), just changing the number to a higher DPI or resizing it to a larger size won't magically add detail.
  • The original image has a certain amount of information (detail, clarity). When you increase the DPI or size without adding more real detail, the computer has to guess (or "interpolate") what to add, which can result in a blurry or pixelated image.

Think of it like blowing up a balloon with a small picture on it. As the balloon gets bigger, the picture stretches and becomes less clear. You can't add more detail to the picture by just stretching the balloon.

So, for the best quality, you want to start with a high DPI or high pixel density image, especially if you're going to print it or display it on a large screen.

Artwork Requirements

Quality artwork is key in a graphics based industry, and this one is no different. 

Minimum Requirements:

  • High resolution (300+dpi) PNG image
  • Transparent Background
  • RGB colorspace


  • Artwork with fuzzy edges
  • Artwork with drop shadows
  • Low-resolution artwork
  • Watermarked artwork
  • Artwork with semi-transparent pixels

Take a moment and review this video.

Your artwork is NOT "Print Ready if it is:

  • low resolution
  • a screen shot
  • a picture of an item with a design on it
  • or you are requesting ANY modification

Graphic Design Services

See the difference good artwork can make!

  • If you have questions regarding artwork modification or Graphic Design services, Please contact us before placing your order.
  • Requests for artwork modification or additional graphic design WILL BE billed on a seperate invoice and will DELAY the processing of your order.
  • Approval of final artwork and payment for graphic design services must be made prior to printing.

Gang Sheets

The file uploader above will allow you to upload individual designs or gangs sheets.

If you are uploading a gang sheet be sure to provide the gang sheet size in the "Height" and "Width" fields above.

If you need an easy way to create gang sheets from multiple designs, use this template on Canva.  Once you have your layout just the way you want it, download it as a .PNG file with a transparent background.

Wholesale & Discounts

Doing volume and need better pricing?

We can help!

Depending on your needs we have a pricing program for you.  Retail prices are listed on the website.  You'll note that quantity effects the pricing via quantity discounts on our custom printed products, basically, the bigger an order, the bigger the discount.  Here is an example of retail quantity price breaks for custom printed transfers:


Custom Printed Transfers

 Total number of Feet of Material Discount
1 0%
2-3 10%
4-5 15%
6-7 20%
8-9 25%
10-11 30%
12+ 33%


Craft Packs of Sign Vinyl and Heat Transfer Vinyl follow the same schedule as shown above, however, Craft Sign Vinyl and Heat Transfer Vinyl purchased off the roll follow a slightly different schedule (shown below).


Vinyl Off the Roll

 Total number of Feet of Material Discount
1 0%
5 15%
10 20%
15 25%
30 30%
75 33%


Wholesale Accounts

We’re happy to provide wholesale pricing to customers purchasing our products to finish goods for sale or for them to resell.  If you provide us with an ST-5 or other forms showing sales tax exemption we will update your account to a tax exempt account.  We also assume that if you can provide us with an ST-5 that you are a legitimate business and we want to partner with you. 

Just for putting an ST-5 on file with us you will automatically be upgraded to a Wholesale Account and receive the 20% Bulk Discount Tier Pricing no matter your order size.


Distributor Accounts

Once your account has surpassed $5,000 in total purchases we know your serious and that we work well together... We’ll upgrade your account to Distributor Pricing.  This will provide you with the 33.33% Bulk Discount Tier Pricing no matter your order size if you have an ST-5 on file with us.


Contract Pricing

If you have an St-5 on file with us and your monthly volume is consistent and we have a good working relationship, let's talk.  We often partner with volume customers to ensure long-term cooperation.  Requests for contract pricing generally are granted for accounts that exceed $5,000 per month.  We'll send you a Contract with terms customizable to your needs.  Once we are all on the same page regarding what is expected from whom, we'll update your account and your Contract Pricing (typically 50% off Retail Pricing for Transfers -> $11.99 x 50% off = $5.99), will be available when logged into your account on our website.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us.



How do I get a Wholesale Account?

Wholesale Accounts are available if you can provide Sales Tax Exemption Forms (like an ST-5) we can set your account up with tax exemptions as well as at a higher discount tier.  Once setup you'll just want to make sure you are logged in when assembling your online order.  You may not see the greater discount on product pages, but you should see the correct pricing in your shopping cart.

How do I place an order?

The fastest way to place an order is via our website.  We've added tons of useful features to help ensure the information you need is available, including real-time inventory, automatic quantity based discounting, individual accounts with order history, wholesale accounts, etc.
If you have a special request, require graphic design, or would like to place an order for custom printed or embroidered goods send us an email with a description of the items you are looking for.  Be sure to include: colors, sizes, quantities, styles, and any artwork.

When will my order be ready?

Orders Placed Online, including: Direct to Film, Vinyl, and Supplies before 2pm EST will be printed and in most cases shipped the same day.  
Orders Placed In-Person, Via Email, or By Phone, including: Custom printed goods, screen printed goods, embroidered goods are generally complete within 7 days of proof approval and payment.

How will I know if my order is complete?

We will send you an email immediately following the completion of your order.  Keep an eye on your email and double check that our message didn't end up in SPAM.

I'm not going to make it before you close, how can I get my order?

Send us a message with your order number, we're happy to leave your order at our front door.

How do I create a gang sheet, upload artwork, export a .png, use software I downloaded from your website?

Our YouTube Channel is packed full of information.  If you can't find what you're looking for there, feel free to schedule some time on our calendar and we'll help in any way we can.

Our Policies

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Using Metallic UV-DTF Decals (Direct to Film) | Weedless Decals

What part will be metallic?

By default all of the white in your design will be Metallic.  If you can create vector artwork with spot colors use the layers Spot_White and Spot Varnish to create your own unique effects.  Or email us your order with explict instructions for our graphic designers.

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