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Blade Dull?  These will give you a new edge.


Cemented Tungsten Carbide, 45° blades are general purpose use blades, 60° blades are generally used for thick materials and high detail cuts, while 30° blades are recommended when cut depth and pressure are of highest importance, like with window tint.


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Very friendly and super helpful. 100% recommend for your vinyl needs!


Gladys Perez

JDC’s customer service is phenomenal and their vinyl is of excellent quality. They’ve exceeded my expectations.


Dianna Weatherspoon

My package was left at my front door and it was pouring down raining thank goodness they take so much pride in packing my order. The box was soaking wet but my vinyl was dry because they took pride and wrapped my vinyl order in a wax coated paper. I love a company who takes pride in what they do.


Stacy Knapp

The staff are very helpful. I am new to vinyl craft and they have been very kind to explain to me.


Brenda Sneed

I ordered a roll of banner material late yesterday afternoon and it was delivered this morning before noon! Awesome service!!! I will definitely be ordering from them again!


Shari Holland Gabriel
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