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Transfer tape or application tape, also known as “pre-mask”, is a necessity for sign-making and digital graphics. Transfer tape is so named because it transfers your cut vinyl and graphics from the release liner to the substrate.  Some vinyl can be transferred by hand, but for most vinyl and graphics jobs, transfer tape is essential. 

This product is sold as a 300' roll.


This product is a standard weight paper with a low tack adhesive. Uses include premask for large graphics, protection of metal surfaces, sign faces, and digital prints.


  • To apply your vinyl application tape, first peel the back. Press the tape on top of your final design. You can use a scraper tool or an old credit card to make sure the design is attached tightly to the application tape.
  • Peel up the application tape with the entire design you want to transfer attached. Some of it may not peel up, in which case you can put the application tape back down and go over that section again with the scraper or your finger until it comes up when you are peeling.
  • Once you’ve got your vinyl design on the application tape, place it where you want it to go on your final design. You can put vinyl on all kinds of things- decorative signs, water bottles, mirrors, walls… whatever you can think of!
  • Once your design is firmly applied, just peel off the application tape and admire your final design! If the application tape does not peel cleanly leaving the entire design behind, you can place the paper back down and scrape again.

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