Gang Sheeter | Shopify Connector | Web-to-Print Software

We were tired of downloading images, setting sizes, removing dead space, trying to read our customers' minds, tiling prints, and adding special notes to jobs.

We were spending more of our day working on customer provided artwork than we were printing. We realized there wasn't a solution on the market, so we built it. By chaining together our Shopify App and our Desktop App, with this connector we now had a complete Web to Print System specifically for Direct to Film that allowed us to cut our workload in half.

If your shop is growing and you are considering more equipment, struggling with workflow, or just want a few extra hours everyday, I highly recommend you contact us!


    • Get job details and art without logging into Shopify
    • Create Gang Sheets that match the preview your customer saw online
    • Link your shopify store orders directly to your RIP Queue
    • Automate Your Workflow
    • Print More & Stress Less
& much more...