Sublimation on Cotton? ...yep, and here's how!

Sublimation on Cotton? ...yep, and here's how!

Sublimation opens up a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to design. Full color designs as large as your sublimation printer will print in a single press! who wouldn't love that?

One of the biggest deterrents to sublimation is that you have to have “special” materials. You can’t transfer a sublimation print to a plain mug from your local home store. Well, you could, but it would just rub off. If you try to sublimate onto just any phone grip, you’re just going to end up melting the plastic grip and making a big, stinky, sticky mess. You can’t just pull out a shirt from your stash and press a beautiful sublimation design onto it and call it a day. It needs to be a polyester shirt.

Or does it?  Check out this awesome how-to to learn how to use your sublimation equipment with a whole new range of products! 

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