Ordering Custom Printed HTV Transfers Online

Ordering Custom Printed HTV Transfers Online

Printed HTV is an excellent way to reduce the time required to produce custom apparel without the time and workload typically associated with cutting, weeding, and pressing layer upon layer of htv. This method allows for lightweight prints and speedy delivery times with no limitations on color count.

JDC's Online Design Tool

Here is a brief rundown on how to quickly place your order for custom printed HTV transfers.

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Select the product you want custom printed

Then, you will select the type of material you want.
We have Glitter, Flock, Semi-Gloss and Reflective.

Make your selection for PRINT AND CUT or PRINT ONLY.

PRINT AND CUT will be cut with an outline around the image you proved and you will need to weed it, apply transfer film, and press it to your apparel after you have recieved it.
PRINT ONLY will be HTV with your image only printed on it. This options is generally reserved for those who are looking to create their own custom pattern. This material will need to be cut (right-reeding), weeded, taped (using transfer film), and pressed.

More Helpful Resources

We have other videos that explain in greater detail each of the subsequent steps, from uploading your artwork & checking out to working with your custom print. Check out these videos of more information!

This is an excellent way to add photos and infomation about the steps in a particular process. The ideal image size is 1920px x 1080px... Once you have your text in place and this info copied into the blog, you can select these text items to add links.

This Series walks through the ins and outs of our design tool, helping you select the right material, size your designs, create layouts, checkout and much more!

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