Making Earrings Using Sublimation | Complete How-To

Making Earrings Using Sublimation | Complete How-To

If you’ve been following the latest crafting trends, I’m pretty sure you have seen a lot about sublimation lately. Sublimation is a dye process that uses high heat to transfer a design from sublimation paper to the desired surfaces. It is different from heat transfer vinyl in that the ink becomes part of the surface, creating a smooth and seamless design. It’s common to see sublimation shirts, hoodies, and sweaters. Sublimating onto mugs, tumblers, cups, and coasters is also a popular way to utilize this process. But did you know that you can also create sublimation earrings?

Sublimation Earrings

Why earrings? Who in the world would actually wear earrings made using a heat transfer process? Those are the questions I asked the advertisement people on the other side of the screen when I saw sublimation earrings on the sublimation blanks page. I didn’t REALLY ask them personally; that conversation happened in my head. Although I couldn’t imagine wearing them, the curious and creative side of me clicked on the image and added them to my cart. Then, although I ended up removing a few things from my digital shopping cart that day, the earrings stayed and arrived a few days later.

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On a related note, here is a video put together by Sweet Country Glam that overviews another earring project using glitter HTV.  Imagine the possibilities when you combine sublimation and HTV to make your own custom jewelry!

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