How to Print and Cut Your Own Designs at Home | Premium Inkjet Printable HTV

How to Print and Cut Your Own Designs at Home | Premium Inkjet Printable HTV

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This Inkjet Printable HTV is a revolutionary breakthrough in the Craft and Apparel Market! Create your own custom printed, full-color HTV designs and patterns with any inkjet printer. The one we used in this video we bought at office depot. The resulting prints cut, weed, and feel just like our standard HTV. Not to mention it also requires the same time, temp, and pressure as standard HTV. We are so excited to share this product with you!

 Inkjet Printable HTV


A Quick Overview

  1. Prepare your artwork, for best results set your designs to print & cut
  2. Print your designs with any inkjet printer
  3. Cut to the edge of your design with your cutter (or scissors)
  4. Apply Transfer Film to lift print from the backing material 
  5. Place printed image on your apparel
  6. Press at 305°F for 15 seconds
  7. Cold Peel Pro


  • You can press your transfer a second time with parchment paper or Teflon sheets to reduce the sheen on your transfer.
  • If you press a second time, lightly stretch the fabric after removing your parchment paper or Teflon sheet to add increase the stretchability and wearability of the print.
  • You can layer on top of this material. We added white flock to the bear in this print so that it was fuzzy and had some dimension.
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