How To Apply Weedless Prints to Apparel

How To Apply Weedless Prints to Apparel

Weeding multiple layers for multi-color designs can be time consuming and some designs are too intricate to weed and layer.
That’s where Weedless HTV prints come to the rescue!

Applying Weedless Transfers

Today, we are going to walk through how to apply your Custom Printed Weedless Htv Transfers.

Items you will need:

  • Scissors- to cut around your images.
  • Non-stick sheet- to protect your image and apparel.
  • Heat press- to ensure even heat and pressure.
  • Heat tape- (optional) to keep your images in place.

Preparing Your Transfers

Unless you requested to apply the adhesive yourself, your transfer will come with adhesive applied. This process leaves a small layer of adhesive around the edges of the sheet.

Cut your images into individual transfers. If you only have one image, you will still want to cut away any excess.

Transfers are now ready to apply to your apparel.

Preparing to Heat Press


Place your design on your apparel. This material does not have a sticky backing. You can use heat resistance tape to keep your image in place.

The First Press

1 of 2 Presses

Place a non-stick sheet on top of your design. Press at 305-310 degrees for 30 seconds.

Allow the design to completely cool before removing the film. You can speed up the process by moving the apparel to a flat surface and rubbing the transfer with your hand.

Once cool to the touch, remove the backing film slowly by rolling it straight back. (If the print lifts,STOP, re-press, and ensure no obstruction is keeping the heat press from making firm contact with the transfer).

Once the backing film is removed, transfers have a high gloss finish. The image will have a matte finish after the second press.

The Second Press

Almost There...

Reload your apparel onto the press. Cover with your non-stick sheet and press again for 15 seconds.

Allow the image to cool some and warm peel the non-stick sheet from the transfer.

While the transfer is still warm, lightly stretch the shirt in all directions to ensure your transfer can flex with your apparel.


Almost Magic....

Multi-color, intricate design complete without all the layering and weeding!

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