Which Side to Cut HTV

One Simple Trick to Know: What Side of HTV Do You Cut?

Years ago, there was only one thing you had to remember when cutting HTV: Put the shiny side down, and cut the matte side.  That seems to have changed with the introduction of new brands & colors.  Although it is still possible to tell once you have become familiar with a material or brand which side is the backing paper and which side is the vinyl, there is one method that always works.

To Always Cut on the Correct Side of HTV

  1. Get your pick or weeding tool
  2. Lift the corner of your material
  3. Check for the side that is clear
  4. Put that side down (on your cutting mat)
  5. Adjust your cutter's settings for the material you are using
  6. Rejoice while cutting your designs on the correct side on the first attempt

I know this might seem like an overly direct solution, but by adding this step to your preparation stage you will never waste material again because of this commonly made mistake.

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