Easily Calculate How Much Material You Will Need

Easily Calculate How Much Material You Will Need

Calculating the amount of HTV you will need for a job is critical in ensuring you don't spend money on materials you don't need, on extra trips, or on shipping to get a few additional feet of material.  With just a little preparation, you can accurately calculate how much material you will need for any job.

Example Calculation

Lets say you have 16 shirts to make that will have a one color design on the front only.  The design the customer has chosen and approved should be 9.5" wide and 5" tall.  

If you are using our HTV | Craft Packs then you'll be receiving three 10" x 12" sheets per pack.


A 9.5" wide design will fit into a 10" wide sheet 1 time.
10 / 9.5 = 1.05 -> rounded down -> 1
A 5" tall design will fit into a 12" tall sheet 2 times.
12 / 5 = 2.40 -> rounded down -> 2
Multiply your results
1 x 2 = 2 Designs per Sheet
Multiply the number of sheets per pack
2 x 3 = 6 Designs per Pack
Divide the total number of designs by the Designs per Pack
16 / 6 = 2.67 rounded up -> 3 packs


We've put a free material calculator together to help simplify this step.  You can find it at the link provided below.

Now that you know how many packs you need, you'll have a complete picture of your cost and this should help you provide a price to your customer that will be fair to them but also provide you with profit.

Use Our Material Calculator

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