Don't Make This Avoidable Mistake When Designing Your Craft or HTV Project

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Don't Make This Avoidable Mistake When Designing Your Craft or HTV Project

Do you know what the most important part of your project is?  It's not your equipment. It's not your ability.

It's your artwork.

Too often we see people surprised when the watermarked, icon sized, screenshot they took on their phone doesn't print or cut well.  Anytime you cut corners the quality of your finished product will suffer.

Ideally you'll want to either create or purchase "Vector" art.  This artwork is not like a photograph.  Raster images are comprised of pixels and if you scale them up you'll notice your artwork becoming blurry or jagged.  Vector art is comprised of editable objects that will allow you to change colors and design aspects, while giving you the ability to scale your designs up or down without the fear of pixelation.  This will provide smooth cut lines, not jagged edges.

Creating vector art does have a learning curve, but there are plenty of resources online.  The sooner you become proficient with this skill set, the sooner you will be able to create amazing finished products every time without the fear of blurry or jagged images.  Below are a few resources that will get you going.

Professional (and inexpensive) SVG files from Creative Fabrica
A Free SVG Design Software - Inkscape

Need your artwork printed - Use our online design tool 
(you can download your designs from this as an SVG or High Resolution PNG File)

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