Beginner's Guide to Holographic HTV

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Beginner's Guide to Holographic HTV

Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl, along with other speciality HTVs, add an eye catching effect to any design or image. Whether you are looking to stand out or need to level up your custom apparel, Holographic HTV is a game changer and can be cut on all Cricut & Silhouette Machines. 

Tips & Tricks

Here are some key points to keep in mind when using Holographic HTV.


Holographic HTV is thicker than your standard vinyls because it has 3 layers.

These include the adhesive layer (the glue), holographic film layer(which is the color of the vinyl), and the protective film layer (this is the layer you don't find in standard colors)


We are referencing Cricut Design Space in the following steps.

After clicking "Make It" select the "Browse Materials" and use the "Glitter Iron" profile.

Then, go to the "Pressure" drop down menu and select "More". You can use the standard fine point blade that comes with all Cricut machines.

This will give you the pressure needed for a clean cut. Be mindful and check that your blade is free of any debris. It is good machine maintenance to replace your blade every 3-6 months depending on your usage.



Place the HTV on your cutting mat with the colored side down. The adhesive layer should be facing up.

If the corners are lifting, consider cleaning or replacing your cutting mat.


Since the vinyl has multiple layers, you want to weed more carefully. It is best practice to use a weeding pen to help lift un-needed HTV from the design.

The image above also shows what a clean cut looks.

As you can see in the image above, what a bad cut looks like. If you get separation of the layers usually either cut settings need to be adjusted or you should replace your blade.


You do need a heat press or heat source that can hold a heat of at least 320 degrees. A T-shirt press is ideal for custom apparel projects as it does keep a consistent heat and pressure for the entire press time.

Cricut presses can be used for smaller projects, as you can see the use of the Cricut mini press for a set of earrings. The Mini press needs to be on Level 3 and you use medium pressure for 7 seconds.

For double sided earrings, it is best to flip the earrings over and apply heat with medium pressure for about 5 seconds. This allows both sides of the adhesive film to activate.


Holographic HTV is a "Cold Peel" material. Allow your project ample time to cool before removing the backing.

Pull the clear backing film slowly and straight back.

If you notice the HTV lifting away from the apparel, repress and increase the pressure slightly.  Often times a seam in the apparel causes variations in pressure.

Heat press pillows can help add consistency when pressing design near seams.


You are now able to wear your custom items or get them ready to ship off to a customer.

If you want to see the full tutorial of the application process of Holographic HTV, click here.

Snag some Holographic HTV and don't forget your Weeding Pen.

Have a great day!

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