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Sign Vinyl | MOTOMARK™ Concept® 235 Series

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54" General Formulations Concept® 235 MotoMark™ is designed for applications where a flexible premium film with special high bond adhesion is required. Concept® 235 MotoMark™ is recommended for applications such as Quads, Snowmobiles, Motocross, Powersport Vehicles, Helmets, and Carts. Testing is always suggested before application.

This Product is sold in rolls of 150'.


Concept® 235 MotoMark™ 4.0 mil “GRIP” is specially formulated premium flexible matte white PVC film. This film has a unique “High Bond” acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive with a 90# Layflat liner. The adhesive is formulated for the powersport graphic and decal markets. Concept® 235 MotoMark™ can be printed on a variety of solvent-based, latex, UV and thermal printers that are commonly used in wide format. This product may also be printed on using other printing processes such as UV screen and UV curable offset but must be tested before production.


  • Clean surface. 
  • Using small tabs of masking tape, tack graphic to surface to ensure proper placement before liner is removed. 
  • Apply a single vertical strip of masking tape to the center of the graphic. This strip will be used as a hinge to ensure the graphic does not move during application.
  • While still holding the hinged graphic away from the intended surface. Using the squeegee and starting from the center, removing the liner and begin to marry the graphic to the intended surface.
  • Once the graphic is in proper position and lying perfectly flat on the intended surface use firm strokes with the squeegee to adhere vinyl to surface.
  • Remove the masking tape from the graphic to reveal final product.


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