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What is an "Aspect Ratio"? An Aspect Ratio is the ratio of your artworks width to height.  Example: If you have an image that is 10" wide and 5" Tall its aspect ratio is 2:1 Why does it matter? If you lock your image's aspect ratios and scale the art up to 20" wide the height will scale up to 10" wide.  This will maintain the "look" of your art.   If you were to scale the width to 20" and  and the height to 20" you will have changed the aspect ratio and your images will appear "stretched". Artwork Dimensions...

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Weeding multiple layers for multi-color designs can be time consuming and some designs are too intricate to weed and layer. That’s where Weedless HTV prints come to the rescue! Applying Weedless Transfers Today, we are going to walk through how to apply your Custom Printed Weedless Htv Transfers.Items you will need: Scissors- to cut around your images. Non-stick sheet- to protect your image and apparel. Heat press- to ensure even heat and pressure. Heat tape- (optional) to keep your images in place. Preparing Your Transfers Unless you requested to apply the adhesive yourself, your transfer will come with adhesive applied....

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