Custom Prints with endless possibilities

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Custom Prints with endless possibilities

Consider this, you have a special request and you need them fast. Here at JDC we offer just that. So, how does this process work you may wonder. Let me share you with you the steps in getting a printed HTV custom image uploaded and applied. 


You first will go to our website at 



Click  HTV

This will then bring you to a new page where you will complete a few steps before check out. 

You want to decide if you want a PRINT CUT or PRINT ONLY. Next, you will need to chose the image, pattern etc that you want to upload. Please be specific in the gray instruction box below. If we have any questions we will reach out to you before printing. 

Then, you will select the type of material you want. We have Glitter, Flock, Semi-Gloss and Reflective. 

Once you have completed these steps you are ready to add it to your cart. Review your order details and submit your order. Don't forget to snag some transfer film as well. 

Here at JDC we will print it per the special instructions and get it shipped out to you ASAP.

Now as you excitedly open your JDC package be careful with your printed image. Have a flat, clean surface to work on. Be sure to have your transfer film handy. 

Depending on your order you may have some weeding to do. Carefully use your weeding tool to remove any small pieces and peel back at a 45 degree angle slowly. 

Once all weeding is done you are ready to apply your transfer film to the front of your printed image.

Take you time here. You will need to use the Hinge method to get the best results for a smooth transfer. 

Click here to watch the hinge method in action at 1 min 47 seconds. 

Once you have applied your transfer film and removed any bubbles you now will trim off the access edges leaving about a half inch all on sides. 

Now flip over your image to the backside and grab your trusting wedding tool. You will need to peel off the clear backing. This is a very important step as this uncovers the glue on the back of your image, so that when you press it, it will adhere to your garment. 


Now you are ready to place and align your image on your garment. Place a piece of butcher paper over the top of the image. Press your image for 15 seconds at 310 degrees. 

Remove butcher paper and peel back on clear film at that 45 degree angle. 


You are ready to sport your new shirt or get it packaged up and sent to your customer. 

Let us know if you have any questions on any of the custom print process and how we can help you in your crafting adventures. 

Be sure to check out our Youtube Channel for more step by step tutorials of our various products available on our site. 

Have a great day ! 

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